What does your SO do while you are trolling for BBags??

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  1. While I was cleaning up the forum and posting a bit, I got to wondering:

    What does your SO/DH do while you are trolling for bbags :angel: and posting on tPF? :p
  2. watches sports or sitcoms
  3. Playstation 3. Or watching sports. Or playing plsystation 3 with the sound on whatever game he wants on the TV. It's like man heaven.
  4. LOL

    I love the image :lol:

  5. Sleeping...with the baby!
  6. Awwww, how sweet :love:

  7. Like right now.. this instance.. and almost every night.. he's watching ESPN.. :rolleyes:
  8. Mine's sitting right in front of me working. He works software development so he is ALWAYS on some kind of machine or another w/ internet access. Our desks are back to back so we face each other in his office. So I'll just hop on and shop and tPF while he's doing whatever it is he's doing.

    After I've sat here for a bit he'll usually say, "Whatcha doin', honey? Purse Forum-ing?" :lol:
  9. Great thread.:pMine will go, "Oh, it's the same forum again", tells the dog,"Here she goes again" and watch ESPN.
  10. Awwww, that's so cute!!
  11. Plays poker with friends or plays poker tournaments online, watches tv. I would rather he did laundry:p

  12. Bahahahaahaha!!! Amen to that!
  13. mines 10,000 miles away from me... probably playing video games or working on his boat or motorcycle :p

    when i was living w/him he would usually be vaccuming or cleaning :lol: and this is not a lie.
  14. Motorcycles! Motorcycles! Motorcycles! In the garage with the dirt bikes or up on his computer on the Ducati Forum!
  15. plays w/ dds
    plays WOW
    or watch sports