What does your room look like? *pics*

  1. StinkyMonkey - I love all the color in your house!! Makes it look soooo welcoming!!
  2. Stinky-- very pretty photos!!
  3. StinkyMonkey I LOVE how all your rooms are different colors!!!
  4. Thanks, dawn!!

    I love the colors, Stinky!!! I too, cannot stand white walls!! Color gives a room so much character. I think you've coordinated everything beautifully!
  5. Wow, everyone is so NEAT! I seriously NEVER make my bed. I'm embarassed to post my bedroom on here.

    StinkyMonkey, where did you get your comforter? I have one that is similar colors that I love and is getting old but haven't been able to find one to replace it with.
  6. stinky - even your cat has an amazing tower of her own!!
  7. Thanks everyone...I'm tellin' ya, paint does wonders!!!:yes:

    I got them both at Ross early this year for under $60 bucks each.
  8. I love the colors SM! You really went all out. I'm still in the process of painting my home as well.... Ripe Currant, Baja Dunes, and My Inner Sanctuary. Hopefully I'll be able to post pics soon!

    Thanks for sharing all your pics everyone!
  9. here is my master bedroom and closet. My room needs a little makeover will post pics of that as soon as it is done(in about a week)
    bed.jpg tv & dresser.jpg php5SeOXRAM.jpg phpC1MrStAM.jpg phpvmlzDoAM.jpg
  10. StinkyMonkey, I have the same shower curtain. :smile:
  11. Mine is quite plain. I have a bed that matches the furniture but I have not put it together yet.
    myroom 003.jpg myroom.jpg myroom 004.jpg myroom 005.jpg myroom 006.jpg
  12. Thanks everyone for the complements on my bedroom.

    Here's some of my living room / dinning room, if you're interested in wall color....

    The lighter one is a light sage, but it comes off kind of white in the pictures. I'm not done yet decorating these room yet either, but I'm getting there.
    IMG_0648.jpg IMG_0654.jpg
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  13. Hello all, love your rooms, here is my bedroom...I am such a fan for chocolate and teal so I ran with it! I also love a nice tan wall so thats what I went with. Had a great time designing it. Thanks :yes:
    102_2592.jpg 102_2595.jpg 102_2599.jpg 102_2600.jpg
  14. I really like chocolate with teal as well.

    I am thinking of getting another duvet set that has teal and chocolate as main colours but first I have to get rid of my raspberry feature wall.
  15. Okay, here are a couple pictures of my bedroom. My dog is trying to make the bed for me! The big thing on the left in the second pic is her ramp. I need to get a new cover made for it but I want to wait until I get a new duvet to make sure it matches. I love the one I have but she digs at it and is tearing it up. Now that I think about it, I want a whole new bedroom set. I don't really like the light colored furniture that I have. I bought it when I lived in the house in FL that was totally different.
    mybedroom080208a.jpg mybedroom080208b.jpg