What does your room look like? *pics*

  1. I'm going to remodel my room soon and I was wondering what everyone elses room looked like. What color are your walls? ...etc. What does your closet look like? So if you have pics, please post. If not, describe it!

    Right now my walls are boring white!
  2. I don't have much - but I really love my bedroom. Walls are sage green. I have brazilian cherry hardwoods/vaulted ceiling and this bed:


    (the pictures on the website are cool too!).

    I would love to post a picture but unfortunately one of the dogs got, let's just say a tad ill, so the bed is completely torn apart right now (lol.. hmm...) and I've been sleeping in the guest bedroom for the past few nights.
  3. good post!! i live in my room the most. i'm in the middle of revamping my cluttered room and will post pics when it's ready! i have dark purple walls, a small walk-in closet for my clothes/bags/shoes, an old sofa bed, lots of mirrors, candles and framed pictures of my family and friends.
  4. No pics of my room because it's very cluttered with junk that needs to be thrown out.

    My walls vary between a light and dark grey (on opposite walls). I don't have carpet after mold was found in it, so I have black/white marblized tile. White desk set, bedframe, and mirror. Tan nightstand and amoire. White doors. Two posters of my favorite bands, but the posters actually match the color scheme in my room and add color (orange and red, respectively).

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be moving to a dorm this fall, and I will deal with white walls again...so boring. Thankfully, I scored some art and architecture posters from my senior English teacher so they'll be going up to add more color.
  5. oh good post!! ill have to take picture of our room when i get home.. but theres no decorations up yet because we havent had time, weve been busy since the move and the new furniture came.
  6. My room is a currently a mess! I am in the process of moving back from my apartment at school Its a headache and a half.

    My walls are always white - I think its easier to chane my room if I stick with a white wall. My floor is peachy with pastel orange and white and tan spots - it sounds weird but I swear it look normal! My closet is orange. My desk is off white. My bed frame is wood.; My curtains are colorful - they are actually made for the kitchen windows but my bedroom windows are a weird shape so it worked out.

    I'l try to take pictures and post after my room is all done! Tha should be about 3 weeks!
  7. I just moved to Southern Cali 2 months ago and downsized quite a bit, so my room is much smaller then it use to be meaning I had to get new furniture.

    Here's what I've done so far. Right now I'm using a 3 fold screen as my headboard because I have nowhere else to put it. I'm not sure if I'm keeping it there or eventually get an actual headboard. Also I'm still looking for some art / photos to hang on the wall, so I'm not entirely done. The walls are a....coffee with cream color, like a frappuccino.
    IMG_0620.jpg IMG_0618.jpg IMG_0619.jpg IMG_0616.jpg
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  8. Neptune; I love your room. The dresser, bed and shelf against the wall all look great!
  9. Thanks so much. I really like it as well, even though it's so much smaller then my last bedroom, but I loved the house and wasn't going to pass it up just because the bedroom was small.
  10. ^ I also think that your room is lovely. You've really done a wonderful job of decorating. :smile:

    My room is still a work in progress. I just painted it a pretty light blue, and I am working on cleaning out some of the clutter. Hopefully, I can take pics soon.
  11. I LOVE your bedroom Neptune!!!
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    Pic below
  13. Neptune! Your room is gorgeous.

    I love everything.
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Neptune, LOVE your room :tup: