What does your purse charm look like?! Show us the pics!!

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  1. I have a really weak spot for purse charms. Maybe it's just that subtle extra blingbling it adds to your purse and makes it extra special and personal.
    And I have been enjoying watching them on bags I see in posts now and again. But what better way to enjoy it if everyone posts theirs in one thread?

    So here's my request to all of you:
    What does your charm look like and/or does it have a special meaning? Or just the not insignificant meaning of sweet eye-candy :biggrin:

    I'll start with presenting my personal charm. My initials in gold and very bling bling...

    I want to get a LV keychain as well in a while, I tinkI'll put in on my wishlist for my birthday...
  2. Great idea for a thread! It will be nice to have them all in one place. Sorry but I don't actually have any to post right now :crybaby:... I'm actually on the look-out for some really nice ones so hopefully this thread will give me some inspiration. I'm loving those Juicy Couture ones I've spotted around tPF so I might go for one of those.
  3. theres a thread somewhere about juicy couture charms, they are popular around here.
    oh and coach charms
  4. there is a bag charm club in the clubhouse section.
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