what does your id mean??

  1. mine is my 2nd daughters name.
  2. Mine is just the shortened version of my name,everyone seems to use it,apart from Andy,he usually just says 'oi,mush'!!!
  3. my fiancee's name begins with c..... everyhitng else just came along!

    to be honest, i couldnt think of anything else to put!

  4. My mum called me this when I was a little girl cos I was always daydreaming!
  5. Mine is the title of a novel by Philip Larkin about a librarian, which is what I do.
  6. Mine's my nickname :yes:
  7. Mine is an old nickname. The first four letters are from my name and the rest just sounds funny together.:p
  8. Mine's my email addy!
  9. Mine is nicked from one of our dogs (not the german sheperd). Originally a character in the childrens books about Moomin.:smile:
  10. Mine's my first & second names put together. I was called it as a kid as a nickname when Dr Who had that really irritating assistant Sarah Jane Smith.
  11. Mine is because my mum could not spell Carolyn...or she was just trying to be unique??
  12. Sometimes feel like we are living in a zoo. Kids are little wild men.
  13. I am soooo boring - k is for kathy and roquet is maiden name. Boring.......
  14. Oooh - I thought it was because you loved hitting little balls through hoops with a wooden mallet!
  15. Mine is...obvious. I live in the tropics and I am a gal. Wish I could redo it and be mucho more creative and mysterious!