What does your handbag say about you?

  1. I thought it would be a little fun to show off our favorite handbag/handbag set and share what you think it says about you. So, I'll start:

    ~ Coach Patchwork Demi and Wristlet (don't have a picture right now)
    ~ It says I can't make up my mind. :smile:
  2. Ok...I'll bite...but it ain't gonna be pretty...LOL

    Here is one of my dearly Favorite Bags....A Kooba Jillian


    And it says about me....I'm a little Tea pot Short and Stout! :wtf:
  3. Mine says I need to see more of the ocean!
    BI Outside 2-1.jpg
  4. Hmm..my favorite bag(s) right now are my LV silver Miroir Speedy and gold Miror Pochette. As much as I'm sure they'd say I'm "flashy" I'm actually not. These bags just happened to catch my eye and they're completely different compared to most of my collection. I love them! :love:
    100_6688.jpg 100_6689.jpg
  5. They look cute , not flashy at all.
  6. All of mine say, "My owner has no $$$ to put inside her wallet!!"
  7. Aww thanks lol. I've actually gotten a lot of compliments on them..more so than any of my others! :love:
  8. my speedy :shame:. maybe im dependable and utilitarian with a little bit of style?
    or do i just wish?
  9. My fuschia ostrich birkin is my favorite bag. And it says I like color, have a bold personality, that I enjoy understated designers, and that I am not afraid to spend the money to get what I want.:yes:
  10. My Noe says I love ladylike things that are classic.
  11. lol :smile:

    I don't need a purse to make that statement...the amount of tech I carry around with me does the job just well. :biggrin:

    (BTW - I noticed your based in HK. I just took a month trip over there last year in September. I went for the gem show in Wan Chai and the new convention center - name escapes me at the moment. It was a great experience, but I couldn't imagine living there full time. Just blows my mind to think of how much we would have to get rid of to live in an apartment there!)
  12. That I need a bit a of color on a drab rainy winter day.:p
  13. Same for me! Right now I have a Blackberry, a USB drive, and a Nintendo DS kicking around in my bag.

    BTW, aprettyrock, I checked out your website - I'm about 15 miles from you, in Cherokee County! Have you been to Beadiful yet? :graucho:
  14. Oh cool! Small world. :smile:

    Beadiful...isn't that May Brisbou's (sp?) off of Exit 13? If so, yes I have! She makes the sweetest little crystal purse charms. Love them!
  15. Hockey mom on donut run........