What does your H bag say about you?

  1. I am not sure if this has been posted so if it has, I do apologize...

    I had been frequenting this subforum for a while now and know for a fact that almost all the gals here have multiple H bags, so here is my question for you.. for each of your H bag, what does it say about you? I have several H bags but haven't really used any of them so I will wait when I start using them.. but definitely for my black kelly, i say, it screams "elegance and chic.."

    now, what about yours, what does your H bag say about you?
  2. blux...when did you get a black kelly???!!! How did I miss that??!!! Anyway...black kelly is elegant and dressy and just classy; my rouge h plume is happy, fun, secure and slightly different; my ostrich kelly is UNIQUE!!! (I'd like to think I am as well lol!); btw, how IS that purse ban going???!!!!!
  3. shoes got the kelly like over a month ago, I have added it to my bag showcase and on the Member's item as well...... and about the purse ban.. I am doing good.. not getting anything except for a bag (Longchamp) so I can carry my dissertation articles with it.. so that's an exemption.. lol..
  4. Hmmmm....let's see...

    My black box Kelly w/gold hw is the refined and classy side of me...

    My black and toile cabas herbag is the practical side...

    My ebene and vibrato cabas herbag is my more fun yet practical side

    My JPG is the "Hey, Look at Me!" fashionable side...

    My mini Kelly is the understated side...

    And my newest Kelly...hmmmm, we'll have to see how I feel when I first carry it!!!

  5. My collection is all over the place, so I'll use a word that my SA uses to describe me.............Bohemian.
  6. My Black Box Kelly says "safe"

    Choc/Orange Birkin on order says "trys to be different"

    Red Garden Party says "copied HG"

    Herbag says "all that was offered to her at 24Fbg so she took it"

  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:


    That's how I got my inaugural H bag (the potiron JPG birkin).
  8. LOL GF! You crack me up badly with that Herbag comment! I guess I could say the same thing with my chartreuse birkin, LMAO!

    K, my turn:

    Thalassa blue box birkin: "dare to be different"

    Ebene clemence birkin: "classic and elegance"

    Chartreuse clemence birkin:"please refer to GF's Herbag comment"

    Fuchsia chevre kelly: "fun and loves to show off!"
  9. Black Kelly: classic and elegant
    Black Kely with Bohu Tohu: classic with a bit of fun
  10. Gold Kelly TOGO says - " I can wear this kelly in a both casual and classic way, I have a timeless bag!:devil: "

    Black lizard Birkin 25cm says - " Oh, how decadent, she has a black lizard 25CM!, ...she must have SO MANY 35cm Birkins at home, that must be her prize Birkin from some SERIOUS Birkin collection!!!" :lol: :lol: :roflmfao:
    8.jpg 43.jpg 17.jpg 6.jpg
  11. Star, I love, love love your Birkin, you look super hot!
  12. Thanks Rose!:love: ....wish I had the collection behind the look!:lol:
  13. Black 35 Birkin GH...Appreciates quality...somewhat extravagant, yet practical...
  14. BJ Picotin: Cute and surprisingly practical
  15. If I had a Birkin or a Kelly (or any H bag for that matter) it would say:

    "My owner is filthy rich and has impeccable taste!"