What does your DH/SO spend their money on?

  1. Mine came home with this last night... An all Platinum Rolex :wtf: and I was feeling really awful about spending money on my Fringe Speedy HA!
    DSC01285.jpg DSC01291.jpg DSC01293.jpg DSC01294.jpg DSC01295.jpg
  2. Nothing! He saves EVERY PENNY!!
  3. Chag, that's a great watch!

    None of my S.O.s have ever really spent money on anything but golf.
  4. He spends a lot of money on sports equipment (baseball, hockey, etc.)
  5. audio equipment. he's cheap with everything else, but when it comes to speakers, amplifiers, pre-amps he'll have no problem spending $5000 on one thing.
  6. my ex was MAD about watches (love the rolex of you dh btw) had to be the best of the best and limited editions and highly complicated pateks (sky moon tourbillon for example) ah and cars he collected them
    but hey whatever made home happy
  7. Thank G he got a great deal on it (being a jeweler he gets it cost) or I would have had a fit!;)
  8. THOUSANDS on car parts and mods to hook up his lastest vehicle.:Push:

  9. ME :tender:

    Seriously, my hubby (what IS "DH" anyway???) says he gets more enjoyment spending money on me than on himself. He must. So far for my birthday he bought me a new pair of Gucci snakeskin pumps, two dinners out and today, he sent a dozen confetti roses (like the one in my avatar) to my office.

    Yes, he's a keeper.:heart:
  10. ^ DH = Dear Husband.

    My DH is into musical instruments and recording equipment.

    Lovely watch BTW
  11. LOL i always that DH meant damm husband! Crazy me
  12. Love love the watch.
  13. All the outdoor equipments..he has the weaknesses toward REI stores like me with LV..
  14. ME!:yahoo:
  15. The watch is nice!

    The fiancé stops with watches now because the last time he bought his Pasha, I 'borrowed' it, heehee.

    He's into antique books, his pride and joy is 1813, 1st edition Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice. Although he's a psychologist and probably doesn't need them, he likes his suits from a tailor in this street called Savile Row (British people like to think that this is the street for haute couture version of the suit but most people think differently LOL)