What does your computer desktop look like?

  1. I always liked to see these types of things. I think it gives you a very personal view into different people, hehe.

    Take a screen shot of your desktop and then post it here.

    Don't know how to do a screen shot? It's easy!
    - Minimize (or close) all windows and then push the PRNT SCRN button. It should be on the top right of your keyboard if you have a normal desktop computer. If you have a laptop, you may have to push your FN button (the blue one) and search for the Prnt Scrn button :smile:

    - Open up your image editing program and paste the picture into the program.

    - Save, and post to tPF! :smile:
  2. Since I'm too lazy to make a screenie right now, I'll post this picture I took last week :P hehe..

    My background is currently Moscow's Red Square during the winter :biggrin: