What does you Anniversary Band/3 piece wedding set look like?

  1. I am trying to decide on whether or not I should get the 3rd and final ring to go with my wedding set, the Anniversary Band. Does anyone have pics of their full wedding sets?
  2. In for pictures. I wanna see them too.
  3. Hi
    I am new to this Forum but here are my three rings. They look awful this close up, but they are still new and shiny without the camera zooming in on it.
    I wasn't going to have the top band (eternity) but I have been wearing it with my wedding and e-ring lately and I think I like it. And my rings aren't too big, so three can fit nicely on my finger.
    Cheers :p
  4. Pretty rings & welcome to the forum.:yes:
  5. Here is mine :smile:

  6. Gorgeous! I wish I could start all over again - yours are just what I'd have. Mine have been bought over the years & don't sit well together. You have beautiful rings.
  7. Oh it's gorgeous.
  8. Ame - is your eternity band a half band or full? I can't see clearly from the pics but it doesn't look as if it is channel set???
  9. I love the pics so far, thanks ladies!
    I really like the look of the 3 piece sets! A girl can never have too many diamonds right!:smile: I think I will definatly get the Anniversary band!!!