What does "wrinkling" mean on Epi bags?

  1. I'm "new" to the Epi line (only have 1 piece....a Speedy, of course..LOL) I've read that on Epi bags they start to "wrinkle"? Is this common? Is there any way to get rid of them after they're there? Where does this happen on the bag?

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. Here's one for you:

    See those two wrinkles on top of the zipper? That's it so far with me. I bought this Speedy in November and I've never used it everyday.
  3. maybe if you stuff it with paper or towels when you store it it won't wrinkle as much?
  4. Thanks! So, when you're carrying the bag is it really noticable? There is an Epi Speedy on Let-Trade, but the "wrinkles" look pretty bad....not sure if they would "smooth" out when using it!?
  5. Nope, not noticeable on mine. I only saw it when there was another thread and I examined my bag obsessively.;)
  6. I didn't know Epi can be wrinkle. Interesting.
  7. (oops, sorry...double post) See below.
  8. In my view, a wrinkle is a dent. It could have been caused by any number of things. Unlike a dent on a car, you cannot remove such from your handbag.
  9. huh. this is good to know. i really want an epi 25 speedy and was just slightly worried about it. I thought maybe the wrinkling was going to be much worse But it really looked like nothing on your bag.
  10. The Epi Speedy 25 I viewed at LV yesterday was 'dented' too. SA said it should recover its shape if it's stored with the the curved cardboard that comes with it. Make sure the cardboard isn't folded, so that the curve can hold up the speedy's shape.
  11. :yes: I store it with the cardboard that it came with. There's nothing else wrong with the bag.
  12. I have an epi bag and wallet and i notice the wrinkling on the wallet more as it is folded.
  13. I think the wrinkling they're referring to is between the handles & is from pulling the bag open, vertical wrinkles form, but they are small & don't really show up too badly. The epi speedy "dents in" in between the handles instead of sagging on the bottom, both the denting & the wrinkling are normal for epi speedies. There is a thread with some pics of the denting posted here recently that may help.
  14. I'm a total neurotic perfectionist type and epi wrinkles wouldn't bother me or deter me from getting a bag with a wrinkle or two. Now a stain on shirt, in the garbage or give away pile! My kids are stain free, I'm a stain nazi. I rip it off of them immediately and start scrubbing and if it doesn't come out I give it to my nephew, my sil isn't crazy like me(in that area, lol). I can't wait to get an epi speedy one day.