what does "work" mean to you?

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  1. is it something that you do to earn a living (so as to provide for the family/ buy the things you like etc)


    is it something that you devote alot of your energy because you have a passion for it (gives you a sense of satisfaction)

    and what is your ideal job - mentally stimulating or an easy job to pass the day?

    I asked because in my previous job, work was mentally stimulating and rewarding. With this new job, it is less challenging to the brain itself but more on balancing different tasks and keeping cool when things simply refuse to fall into neat places. I don't particularly love my new job so at this moment, it is more on getting the money home for bills and buying the things I love.

    care to share your thots?
  2. Work right now since I work part time and am a student, is a hassle and I only do it so I can have some pocket dough (for bags and such).

    But as for my career aspirations, I'd want to do something that I love. Something that gives me satisfaction. I'd like it if I was able to help a lot of people while getting paid. I think that would make me happiest. Right now I don't really know what I'm going to do, which is kind of sad since I'm graduating this April.
  3. don't be sad, dearie. I noticed that many do not know what they want to do even after they graduate. You have a noble aspiration and it is a very good thing. :yes: All the best! and welcome to the corporate world ;)
  4. to me work isn't work if that makes sense.

    i'm doing something i enjoy, that is challenging and something i'm passionate about at the same time.

    money is a bonus and if its good money that's icing on top of the cake

    but "work" is something i do..because i'm interested (e.g. again, passionate) in it and hopefully it makes a difference or i do SOMETHING that is contributing and helping others.

    if only money wasn't a necessity for living because it will buy you the basics you need.
  5. It means early mornings which are my least favorite in life´s necessary things. My work means nothing to me, it pays the bills.
  6. I am a full time student, working at a part-time job that pays me, pratically peanuts, but its fun. So work for me is to pay off little things - cell phones, car, gas, food, tuition. But im graduating this May, so I hope I can get into the corporate world, one with a strong social responsibility, or work in healthcare administration. But, we'll see!
  7. Work is what I do to make a living. I think very few people are really lucky enough to do something to earn a living that they are passionate about. I consider myself lucky to do something that I like though.
  8. Sometimes I think (wait, *puts on flame suit*) I'm just working to kill time until I get married and have children. That is really all I have wanted to do: be a mom. My mom was a stay-at-home mother, and naturally I've always looked up to her and thought that would be a pretty good route to take, especially because I love babies. But then again, I ask myself if I'm really "killing time," why I work 80 hours a week. It's not just a matter of earning a living, but a commitment to doing something to the best of my ability. I'm honestly embarrassed if I'm the first person to leave the office.
  9. Its a passion!
  10. There was a time when work was doing something I enjoyed; the money really wasn't an issue.DH and I had plenty, we traveled, we had a great time and then.....

    the IT bubble burst. We lost everything. We had 2 children at the time. We had just signed the papers on the house we were selling and now had no place to live. I was a SAHM; job skills were not there for me. Family members were becoming ill and dieing. Friends were losing their jobs. Life was changeing; we now had to REALLY look at the future and it was scary.

    Today we work to provide the following: a house that we will never lose (you don't own it till you've paid it off), food, clothes and healthcare. I've seen first hand what can happen when you have cancer and no insurance. I've seen the issues the elderly have w/doctors dropping their insurance and now having an hour plus commute to see their PC; and they can't drive any longer. I've seen families lose their home to foreclosure due to "creative fincancing". I've seen how many people are ONE PAYCHECK away from losing the lifestyle they currently have. And how easily that could be us (it WAS us once upon a time).

    So, we work to make sure we have the necessities. My field is one where I will always be employed (I doubt abuse, rape, child abuse and domestic violence will ever end in our world) but I've had to go back to school and start all over as my prior degree was a 180 from this. DH works 2 jobs in order that I can stay home when the kids are home (we now have 3) and work the schedule that I do. We don't travel, we don't go out, we do things that are free; but even going to the zoo, a museum, a gallery can run $100 for us. So, we rarely do. We are also VERY very fortunate that we are doing what we WANT to do. DH goes to work happy each day; it pays well and he is making a difference in the world. I feel the same. But we will never have the big house, the new and/or luxury cars, the second home or lots of stuff because 1) we can't afford them and 2) we don't need them. We would love to have them, lol, but you have to put things in order, don't ya know.

    So, why do we work? To provide our family with what we NEED to live day in and day out. We like what we do (now) but if we didn't, we would still go, every day because those needs will never change.
  11. My work is also means nothing. I just want $$ so that I can buy things I like and pay bills.
  12. Work to me is for the $$ and bennies. I don't love what I do nor do I hate it like I've hated other jobs I've held. But if I didn't have to come here I would not. I can not afford to change fields at this point in my life. Our lifestyle couldn't stand the paycut so I assume I'll be doing what I do or close to it till retirement. If I could do what I wanted I'd probably open an animal shelter or something along those lines.
  13. work for me is something to do and $$.

    My ideal job is something where I am extremely busy but enjoying what I do. Also it helps if my work actually makes a difference to the company or whatever.

    The job that I am doing now is what I really enjoy doing. I love my job. I guess because it can be unpredictable (Legis. Asst)
  14. I work in insurance, it's not fufilling at all. I do it because I make really good money and it pays the bills to help support my family (husband and 3 year old son). I also have fabulous benefits and vacation packages. But it's not my lifelong passion and I hate getting up to go each morning. DH feels the same (he works for the same company). We'd rather be spending time with our son and traveling, but we have to work.
    I'd rather be working in the fashion or beauty industry, but not alot I can do with that in Maine. If I could earn what I earn now, including benefits and vacation I'd quit in a minute and go work at Coach.
  15. cjj- yours is such a good post, this is what can happen to any one of us & hopefully we will learn from it.
    I have leapt off the work treadmill since I was in a field that had me under a terrific amount of stress & with my little health issue, stress is dangerous for me.
    I took a 4 month haitus, which was good for me, then have gone back into an easy job, with no benefits but most importantly, no stress.
    DH's job provides the benefits for us. I am on the downhill slide into the retirement years, will be eligible in 10-12 years so don't want to spend those years killing myself for a manager who could care less about the employees, as long as those numbers are reached.