What does Vincent's answering machine say?

  1. My morning after mini (wine) arrived today! I will post my thoughts, pictures soon in a separate thread but needless to say I love it!

    I thought the "call me" card from Vincent was so cute, the problem is I live in Canada and don't want to incur long distance charges but I am just so curious! What does Vincent's voice mail say when you call him? I heard the number really does work, right???
  2. Somebody must have called. Is "Vincent"'s picture an actor? He almost looks like Dirk Bogarde but it's not.
  3. I am dying to know too!! I'll hopefully get my bag tomorrow when I go home so I will call and post it =) I'll see if I can record it and upload it somewhere!

    I seriously CANNOT wait to get home and see if my elephant MAM is here... its killing me!!
  4. I've always wondered this too, but was afraid to ask (just as I'm sure some might be embarrassed to admit they called it, LOL)!

    Will someone here be brave enough to call for the rest of us? I'm dying to know!!
  5. i'll skype him now, wait a sec =)
  6. Maybe I dialed the wrong number, but it just says "Please leave a message for (number)" in the automated woman's voice... i can't tell if those are 9s or 4s though
  7. "Allo, zees ees Vincent. I'm very sorry I missed your call. Please visit my good friend Rebecca Minkoff at rebeccaminkoff.com. Bye Bye!"


    Wasn't it that the message used to contain a discount code at the end? It doesn't mention anything like that any more, but does ask that you leave a name and number like a normal voicemail system (I didn't).
  8. Who is Vincent anyways?
  9. In all RM bags, there is a card with Vincent's number on it. Its part of a story that Rebecca made with the bags. She did it so that each girl will always have a guy to call and leave messages for.

    This was from an interview:

    "BussBuss: Want to share any little-known secrets about yourself or your collection that not many people know?

    Rebecca Minkoff: There is a little card in each bag that has a cute boy's picture on it and his number to call. I find cute pics and have them printed on cards and people actually do call! When customers call they hear a guy's voice and he is French. Some people call and think they met the guy the night before. It's kind of funny to hear some of the messages!"
  10. I believe it's placed there because it's the "Morning After" and Vincent was the man you would have... well...
  11. aw, that is such a cute idea!!!
    i love her even more now. lol her bags ARE fun & hip... just like this idea... mhmm.
  12. ^ I can totally hear the accent, I love it!

    Wouldn't that be hilarous if someone bought a new RM, took it out for a night on the town, got wasted (and subsequently forgot what happened during the rest of the night), woke up the next day and found the card in her new bag, and then thought she'd actually met Vincent?! :roflmfao:
  13. I think the 9/4 mixup was really common. I called the wrong number once when I mixed up the 9's and 4's, and a really, really irate man answered. I'd be irate too if I were him - he probably gets tons of "crank" calls every day. I think he changed his number, and that's why you're getting the woman with the answering machine.
  14. Yep, I know the cards come in the bags, they have come in all mine, but I wasn't sure of the story. Now I know:smile:
  15. HAA!! I too have wondered! The first time I was a little embarrassed I did something---hee-hee I swear I looked over my shoulder!!!! how queer is that!! :police: