What does Vif mean in Brikin?

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  1. I have a Birkin in Chevre de Coromandel, and love the leather. But I have seen similar and other Birkins described in flash sales as "Vif" togo or chèvre de coromandel, etc. Does anyone know what Vif is and why they use it in the description?
  2. I always thought it simply descibed a particular color as being "bright" ie Rouge Vif is Bright Red
    Hermes uses Vif to describe very vivid, vibrant colors....
  3. Vif is a French adjective that translates amongst other things to means vivid and bright. Therefore Rouge ViF means vivid or bright red. Not sure why Hermes write it ViF though?
  4. Rouge Vif also means my FAVORITE red! :graucho::biggrin::graucho: