What does "VIC" mean?

  1. When I was looking at the waiting lists book at the Holts LV, I saw some people on the waiting lists with "VIC" beside their names...and after talking to my new SA about the pochette and how I really hope I get the silver, she wrote "VIC" beside my name and circled it. Uhhh...does it have something to do with the fact that I've confirmed that I really wanted it? Or...the fact that I've asked about it since I was added to the list?
  2. Very Important Client :graucho:
  3. Very Important Client
  4. ^^^yep :smile:

    Should help bump you...I hope you get it!
  5. Awesome!!! Karman the VIC!!! :graucho:
  6. :yes: :yes:
  7. VIC status helps. A lot. I had an incident with the Miroir and I think that since I was VIC it helped resolve the matter in my favor rather quickly.
  8. Welcome to the VIC-side...:yes:
  9. ^LOL otherwise known as "the dark side" :smile:
  10. Karman, sorry to give you a start on the price, I just checked my receipt 525. I must have been thinking with tax, that was 563 ;)
  11. Wow...that's amazing :nuts: I've only dealt with her maybe five times and she already wrote down VIC for me for the Miroir?
    Seems a little...out of nowhere, and I'm happy but I'll keep my hopes down so I won't be disappointed if nothing happens.

    Oh and twinkle.tink, thanks for clarification! I was a little scared there!
  12. Karman the VIC!!!! :yahoo:
  13. LOL, I learnt something new today!
  14. Good to know.
  15. :yahoo: congrats on your new status. I dont know if its good for your wallet though. :p