What does USA REALLY think of the Beckhams?

  1. I just wondered, coming from the UK, what do people in the US REALLY think about the Beckhams?

    Do you like both of them? just David? just Victoria?

    For me - I love David, I think he's gorgeous (even with the tattoos)

    I admire Victoria for her business sense (the way she keeps herself in the press and manipulates them really)and I think her clothes are fabulous but she is too skinny for my taste. I know people's ideas differ greatly there so I don't want to get into that.

    I do think she could smile more though, she looks much nicer when she smiles - I mean what has she got to be miserable about anyway?

    I'd be interested to see what you think?
  2. I love them as a couple and parents. They seem very devoted to their family.
  3. Oh and she is too skinny. But at least she dresses well. (now if she can only remember to always wear a bra!)
  4. I agree - I guess she thinks she doesn't need one as she has had one built in!!! But do we really all want to see her nipples? I think not!

    They are good parents, I agree. No matter how much they like the press coverage (especially Victoria) they do try to protect their boys from it which I think is good. As they have said, the press is part of their jobs and in a way they ask for it, but not the boys.
  5. to be honest, most people here have no real idea of who they are.
    I mean "average" people, people who don't religiously read celebs rags and watch E! television.
    I read the mags and watch E! every night, I know a lot of silly celeb news, but most people don't IMO.

    I don't think one way or the other. . . they seem like good parents and seem appear to be good to one another.
    Only time will tell if they will become celebs in the states really or not.
  6. Apparently, Victoria was due to do a documentary on their move the States and it was poorly received at a preview recently because people didn't know who she was.

    I think she is going to find it harder than she thinks to "make it" on the other side of the pond, even though she has made some powerful friends.
  7. she'll get there if she's not too pushy and obnoxious IMO.
    She's in our celebrity trash mags, so that's a good first step! LOL!
  8. The couple is usually in the tabloids here. Personally, I am indifferent to them, they don't really pique my attention, and I could care less what's in the tabloids. I do, though, think that Victoria seems a little too "perfect" and serious about her image all the time, and that is a turn-off.
  9. What's not to like? :smile:

    She's not slutty, they don't do drugs, aren't in and out of rehab, they take good care of their kids and seem like nice people.
  10. I seriously do not get the hype of these two. Plus she named her kid Brooklyn. I think BedStuy or Flatbush would of been a better name. :roflmfao:

    In the US, they are not famous for anything really but that they are moving to Los Angeles. I understand why David is a superstar around the world, although I don't watch soccer. I just don't get her. She was in the Spice Girls so many years ago. They weren't huge in this country that I know of, but they were popular in other parts of the world.

    I do think she is an attention whore although she tries so hard to say she doesn't like the press. I think David is cute...not gorgeous. I don't think she is attractive at all. She is too skinny and then she gets those half oranges put on her skeletal frame?? Why mutilate yourself like that? She should really sue her plastic surgeon. I also think she should invest in undergarments. Nobody needs to see those torpedos. Her boob job isn't that nice that she should be showing them off.
  11. ^^I agree. I personally dont think much of David as a soccer player, but i'm a Germany fan so that's just me. I use to like Victoria when she was in the Spice Girls but I was also 9 years old. Now, I just see her as an attention whore who will do whatever to keep her name in the tabloids. Granted she's not a horrible person but I could personally care less for these 2. I mean, having Tom Cruise as your best friend isnt exactly going to win you points out here anymore....
  12. I'd much rather see David and Victoria in a reality show than Katie and Peter (???).

    Anyway, D and V seem very much in love, happy and adore their kids. David is absolutely yummy and I do really like Victoria's style even though I am nowhere near that figure type. I bought her book awhile back and even though her wardrobe is far beyond anything that most of us could ever dream of, she does have very practical and down to earth things to say about personal style.
  13. I'd forgotten that those lovely other UK exports had come your way!!!!!! How do you like them then!! We (the UK) are good to you lot aren't we - Katie and Peter, David and Victoria, Heather Mills - who would you like us to send you next??! HA! HA!
  14. ^^ yeah there's a Katie and Peter thread in the TV/Cinema subforum! I'll take the Beckhams anyday, thankyouverymuch!! :yahoo:
  15. Oh I don't doubt for one moment they don't love their kids. Now their love for each other is another thing. There is nothing sexy about her. I can't imagine her being very sexual because to me, she always has to be what her idea is of perfect looking. Didn't he have a few moments with a nanny or something? Maybe the nanny actually ate a meal. Men don't like bones with plastic (or I might be assuming that). I personally think he is with her so he won't have to pay her in a divorce.