What does ur LV come with?

  1. Dear all,
    am a newbie In LV. Just wondering what does ur LV come with from the boutique?
    I mean besides fr the dustbag and the 2 little cards stating the material (whether its canvas) and the model no. Is there a little manual/ catologue about the bag?
  2. If the bag is regular Mono, Damier, or Damier Azur, then it shouldn't come with a white care booklet as these bags are just canvas and don't require that much special attention.

    LV's usally (BUT DON'T ALWAYS come with, so don't freak out if you don't receive them) come with the barcode tag and the material tag.
  3. Hi John 5,
    thanx for clarification! cos i saw some podders hv pics of the booklet so was tinking y i dun hv it! mine is a mono! Haha. Thanx so much!