What does "undeliverable as addressed" mean?

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  1. Hello! I am waiting for a package...just checked USPS website...it says that they received my package today (Sunday, Dec. 17) at 11:07 am but it was "undeliverable as addressed".

    What does that mean? Is it saying that just because it is Sunday and they do not deliver on Sundays? Or did the shipper accidentally put an incorrect address?? Thanks so much for helping me!! I am kinda freaking out!!
  2. They would not put that just because it is on a Sunday. I would check with the seller as to what address it was mailed to--perhaps they left off your apartment number, or something of the sort. You might also try contacting USPS and asking them if they have more information about what the problem is.
  3. ^Yikes!! That was what I was afraid of...according to the USPS website, the shipper put the correct city, state and zip code.

    So it must just be the wrong street address...what will happen to my package now?!?!
  4. My guess is it will be returned to sender, but maybe you can straighten this out without this hassle. I'd try and work it out with the PO.
  5. ^Oh I hope they don't return it to sender!! They live in a different country than me!! :sad:

    Do you think that the PO will be understanding? I mean, I have the tracking # and everything...obviously, there is no house at the messed up street address...ugh I am STRESSING OUT!! :sad:

    BTW--thanks for helping me :smile:
  6. yay! Went to the post office today and got my package...crisis averted!! LOL
  7. Glad it worked out for you!
  8. That happened to me when I sent my dad a package once. I had accidentally left off the Apt # - so they contacted him, and had it sent to his work address
  9. wohooo thank G-d you got your package
  10. ^Amen!! LOL
  11. I PM'ed you.
    I'm in the same situation except that I am the seller.
    Does anyone know what the seller has to do to get the package before they send out to me?

    I wrote down the correct address.
  12. glad it worked out for you
  13. It happened with my packages because I had moved, changed my address thru the PO and any packages with the old address are not forwarded.
  14. Sorry could not find the edit button
    Anyone know what the buyer has to do to get the package before they send out to seller,me?
  15. either the wrong address on the package, or person doesnt live at the address on the package,