What does this ^ means?

  1. Hi, i was looking through some bags on eBay and saw this ^ on one of the H bags. May I know what is it and does it symbolise anything? I have attached some pics below. TIA

    photo credit: sandiaexchange
    croc.jpg croc2.jpg
  2. It means that the leather is porosus crocodile, which is the best crocodile leather Hermes uses in its bags. Two dots stamp is for niloticus croc leather and a square stamp for alligator leather.
  3. Good to know, I was curious too!

    But not rich enough to see it up close and in person...:girlsigh:

  4. Thanks DiamondS, do you happen to have pics for niloticus and alligator leather? It will be great if you are able to post it.;)