What does this mean?

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  1. What does it mean when a code of numbers is written on the inside of a bag? There are a bunch of numbers on the inside pocket of one of my LAMB bags...
  2. Well, where did you get the LAMB? Sometimes they are sold after being store displays or after a major sale and the numbers are written on the inside like that to "prevent returns". That is what I have seen in my experience with highend bags. Hope that helps.
  3. I got it off of ebay. It came with the tag attached and is in perfect condition. I just happened to notice that yesterday when i was putting stuff in that pocket. Does it mean there is something wrong with the bag?
  4. I think it just means you can't return it to a department store. Did the auction state that the numbers were in the bag?
  5. yeah, sellers do that to prevent people to return the items for retail value.. did seller mention that on the auction page? if not and those numbers bother you (i know some of us lambies, that kind of thing is a deal breaker), ask for a partial refund..
  6. I noticed that in certain handbags that are on ebay - I never knew that was the reason for marking inside the bag. Personally, it would really bother me and would be considered to be a damaged bag.
  7. why do sellers care if you take it for return to a dept store? i mean, you pay them what they are asking, so what do they care if you then get an exchange/money back. i must be missing something.

    i can see maybe stores doing it. like saks off fifth, nordstrom rack, etc. but ebay sellers? strange.
  8. I am just guessing, but I believe the super clearance last stop markdown stores do it, not the ebay sellers. But I wouldn't put it past an ebay seller to do it.

  9. Yeah, typically stores like Nordstrom Rack, Off 5th etc... do it so that you can't return the bag to one of their regular department stores.
  10. There's a crazy super discount store in Arizona and I think they do it. You can get insane prices on really nice stuff.

    I bought an Ancona clutch in white from someone and the bag had the writing (she disclosed that). I am ok with the writing because I got a *screaming* deal and I need it for my wedding. She was in AZ and I am pretty sure she got it at that super crazy discount store in AZ.

    Nothing I have ever seen or bought from Nords Rack or Off Fifth has had anything written inside. But maybe I missed something or they don't do it in my area.
  11. ^^They don't seem to do it at all of them, the ones by me don't do it either but I've heard of others that do.
  12. Some Nordstrom Rack stores put a sticker inside the pocket with a sku #. Much better than writing with a big marker! :cursing:
  13. Hi guys, I'm new here. I just got a Cheetah Esquivel and I'm in love :P
    Do you know the name or location of this store in AZ? We have family there and sometimes go to visit. I'd love to drop by this place. TIA!
  14. I'm sorry! I can't recall the name of it. I saw something about it ages ago. I tried searching the internet but I don't know enough about it to find it.

    Someone here should know - I hope! ;)
  15. I agree with that!!!!!! I can understand why stores do it, and it really wouldn't bother me (don't have any bags though with markings though) just as long as it's not easy to find and also if I really did get an awesome deal!! To pay near to retail for a bag w/ such markings would really upset me though.