What does this mean?

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  1. It means, ask a million questions, and ask for tons of pics. And more than likely stay away. I dont like non picture sales.
  2. It's very odd. Not sure who would bid on something they can not see,
    especially for that price.....
  3. I emailed her days ago when she first listed. She said she hasn't had time to take photos but she will be doing so. Kinda weird to list something if you don't have photos taken already.
  4. :P Unless of course it's one of Dude's b-bags!:love:
  5. I think it just means she is holding the 'place', I have seen others do this - but don't understand it at all!
  6. Maybe trying to build anticipation? Weird, though. I'm not seeing the rationale behind that.
  7. Maybe there was one of those 10 cent listing promotions in the UK and she wanted to get her listings up that day? I didn't have all my photos ready last time we had a 10 cent listing promo here either, although I think she's letting too much time elapse! I'd check back later.
  8. I would check though to see if she really is an ALVA member. So many people are claiming memberships they don't have.
  9. It says the auction's not ready so I'm thinking due to time constraints and convenience, decided to upload it with her other auction items. She probably wants them all to end at the same time & day.
  10. Nice penguin.
  11. :roflmfao: :upsidedown: :lol:
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