What does this mean?

  1. I bought a bag at the outlet tonight. Along with the bullseye mark it also has an ES. What does that mean?
  2. I bet it's a "FS" which means final sale.
  3. no i double and triple checked it's definately an E it's really hard to get a picture of otherwise I would show you....
  4. I've only seen the FS for Final Sale, X for TJMaxx/Marshalls & O (bullseye) for the outlets. BTW I just checked all my Legacy bags I got at the outlet on Saturday & none of them are marked!!!
  5. it stands for "extra special" lol

  6. I had one a bit back where it looked like "ES" but it was supposed to be FS.
  7. maybe it got stamped funky?
    the bulls eyes are for outlet exclusive bags.. maybe some one returned it to the outlet?
  8. it might be for FS but it's definatley looks like an E. I will try to take good pictures of it and post them for you
  9. well i tried to take pics but they are all blurry. it's definately an E
  10. I would hope if it is FS that they gave you extra money off. The slim flap I was offered to buy on Sat for FS was going to be another 10% off but I decided not to get it.