what does this mean...

  1. Im a little slow in the online language...WHAT IS PHH?:huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
  2. My guess "purse hating hubby" :biggrin:
  3. I am not sure...Purse Hating Husband?
  4. Is it Purse Hating Husband ????? I am not sure?
  5. LOL...I was thinking perfectly honest husband...too funny...purse hating husband makes way more sense..thanks ladies.
  6. That's what I've been told it means .... Purse Hating Husband ... lol:P
  7. poor harried husband?
  8. Sorry- It was invented for my DH-ITS "PURSE HATING HUBBIE!!!"

    It just fit him so well..its now a known saying here on the PF...apparently alot of his attitude going around!!LOL!
  9. DH? Is that Dear Husband or Darling Husband - sorry, if it has already been answered..
  10. YES!^^LOL! We are just confusing everyone here ...arent we>>!!LOL!
  11. Thanks Jill!! I'm trying to get with the lingo!
  12. My hubby is one of them PHHs.....although he said if I stopped gambling for the next month I could buy my balenciaga and my MJ YAAA so I guess he still hates it, but tolerates it.
    I am personally an XBOX360 hating wife lol :smile:
  13. ^^ Twiggers your just hit a bulleye!! I am a Playstation2 hating GF!! Everytime my BF tries to say something about my bags... I just mention about his ridiculous Playstation habit/addiction!
  14. LOLOL mine has been playing the dang XBOX for the last 3 hours....I told him that his stupid games are what drove me to the internet to pursue an expensive purse habit and it's all his fault!
    I'm sure there are a bunch of us out there.
    Mine has 3x weekly golf tournaments in our living room...tonight it is basketball....gosh I HATE both sports in real life lol
    At least yours hasn't stepped up to the new XBOX....we're already into it for about $1500 since Christmas...and he wants Playstation 3 when it comes out arg
    **Sometimes it works though....he gets wrapped up in games and I walk by and say 'honey, I am buying a new balenciaga for 1K in about a month' he just grunts and nods....and in a month I'll bring it home...heehee**
  15. ty for asking thats one i had never even heard of b4 i guess you learn something new every day