What does this mean?

  1. I received this from paypal this morning and was shocked. I had NO idea there was an issue, the buyer received the product and left good feedback, then I get this?

    "We were recently notified that a payment you received was reversed by the buyer’s bank. A bank reversal can be requested by the bank itself or the bank account holder.
    We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until our inquiry is complete.
    We are reviewing the bank reversal and will contact you again via email with information on what to do next. You may be asked to provide additional information about this transaction."

    What happened? What does this mean? I'm really upset because I thought they were happy with their wristlet? :confused1:

  2. It generally means they have used a stolen card or there has been some fraud. Unfortunately if this is found to be the case Paypal will charge you around $8 as an admin charge as a result....nice huh!
  3. Oh and have you logged into your Paypal account to double check this is correct? There will be a pink banner across the main page once you've logged in notifying you of a dispute
  4. It doesn't say there's any kind of dispute but the money has been withdrawn. I have a negative balance now! I'm sick because they have my bag and I have no money! I just emailed paypal and I suppose I'll not hear from them.

    This eBay selling is sucking, bigtime!
  5. Phone Paypal as you'll get a slightly better response. I'd also contact your buyer and ask them what's going on
  6. This doesn't sound like a dispute - could be a stolen credit card. If there's a dispute or a claim based on an item sold, you'd get notice of it. And you HAVE to speak to someone in person. You'll get a series of non-sensical, automatic email replies, otherwise. Nice, huh?
  7. Did you ship to a confirmed address? If so then you should be covered by the paypal protection program. Check the transaction details from your paypal account for more info.