What Does This Mean When Someone Writes ....!!!!!!!11111111

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  1. sorry, if this is a stupid question.

    i sometimes see sentences with exclamation marks at the end and then they add 1111111. is this a form of reinforcement or just a typo?

    for example:

    the purse forum rocks!!!!!!!11111
  2. LOL

    i think they let go of the shift key when trying to type exclamation points, as the number one and exclamations share the same key....lol...........
  3. Maybe they took their pinky off the shift key too soon?
  4. yes, i thought so too but i see it so often, even when people write correctly. lol. thanks tho'! ;)
  5. It's what little nerdy kids like to do, typo'ing on purpose :p
  6. i think probably it started off when someone took their finger off the shift key too soon, and now it's like an internet inside joke or something and people do it on purpose.
  7. ^ yeah, maybe...
  8. It is a secret code to give a shout-out to other people who observe the practice of failing to maintain steady pressure on the shift key when using multiple exclamation points.
  9. oooh, thank you :flowers:.
  10. It's like writing "teh" (not a typo, like teh win) and LOL. Internet slang.
  11. oo, i didn't know that 'teh' had another meaning. interesting!

  12. lmao, yeah it is. liek i r teh winz lol!!1

    It's just suppose to be stupid :p
  13. Okay, now I'm SURE I'm getting old. Would you explain "teh" to a geezer, please?
  14. ^ this is what the urban dictionary says:

  15. this is getting hard now, lol! so winz = winner?

    o, nm, i loooked it up. :p