What does this mean to me

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  1. I am sorry I am not aware of some of the inter workings of Ebay...

    Ebay just sent me an email saying that I have a Buyers/Seller rating of 10..
    What does that mean do I get a discount, points, what?

    Also how do I get discounts with Ebay... I here that people get 20% off or more and I do not know how. Is there a sale section for the Items I want or a coupon..

    Sorry just kind of new...
  2. #2 Jul 7, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2009
    It means you get a "Yellow Star" beside your user ID. Potential sellers know you have had 10 transactions. Some sellers don't want to deal with low feedback buyers.

    When you get to 50 transaction your will get a "Blue Star". And on and on!

    That's it. Nothing more.

  3. As for the coupons - Google the term ebay coupons. I've never tried to find them but I've read that they are very elusive and difficult to obtain.
  4. just means 10 people think your good at transactions... its called feedback. thier emails are quite patronising - well done gold star!
  5. I am sorry I did not mean to make it sound cocky, I just did not know what it meant.. I do not know much about Ebay. The only reason I started using it was that tPF gave me the guts...