What does this mean? (private)

  1. Sometimes I see an eBay Id and instead of a star and numbers it says:

    Member Profile: xxx (private) [​IMG]

    (note: i xxx the name)

    Why is it private and how does one go about getting it private?
  2. Seller has choosen to make the feedback private, however if they sell items there feedback can not be private I thought the rules had changed for that anyway it may not have? Means they have something to hide!!
  3. beware of those sellers who are in private.
  4. Yeah, thats what I thought:wtf: LOL
  5. eBay sellers can no longer have private feedback.

    However, they can have private auctions where the bidder's id is not shown except to the seller.
  6. I just had a bad experience with an unverified buyer. I'd avoid those people as well!
  7. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. When you sarch for "private feedback" in eBay help, it will take you to a site where you can choose whether you want your feedback to be seen or not

    If it's switched to private, it's not possible for you to sell items.

    I've chosen to set my feedback to private as I simply don't won't to show publicly what I've bought and how much I paid .... however, as soon as I won an item, I'll ask the seller whether I should sent him a screenshot of my current feedback, no one ever has asked me for one, though

  9. Very interesting! I might do that. Esp with all the wackos out there. LOL
  10. i didn't know you couldn't sell with private feedback! when did that implement? i used to avoid private fb sellers regardless of a deal or how good the item looked. just bad news.