what does this mean?? Please help!

  1. The following listing:


    has been removed from eBay for violating eBay policy. Since this listing was removed, you are not required to complete the transaction.

    For a complete list of eBay?s policies, please visit:



    Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)

    Okay, I get it, but I didnt win the bid! I was outbid by someone else. Why would ebay send this to me? THanks!!
  2. The bag was most likely removed from Ebay because someone reported it as a fake.
  3. Don't know... but you don't need to do anything, so I would just not worry about it.
  4. It was removed by ebay, and flagged for being fake. Ebay alerts ALL buyers on the item in the event that the seller tries to contact them outside of ebay and sell it to them.
  5. Yep, if you show any interest in auctions that are subsequently withdrawn you get this message - a lucky escape?
  6. oh my gosh. I am so lucky- I got scared at the last minute and was hoping someone outbid me- sad part is she is part of TPF and has already paid! What happens now'?
  7. Oh no, really? I think, and certainly hope, that she will get a full refund as the transaction is cancelled. . .does anyone else know? I so hope this has a good ending for all concerned.
  8. It is me!! I am the winning bidder on that item. Aren't I soooo lucky? Can you believe ebay pulled the item down and sent that e-mail out 2 days after I won the item and paid for it?? That's a great policy that they have. I am on an ebay rampage right now. That same seller has about 6 other auctions that ended and those items are still listed. I've e-mailed the seller twice now and I have not gotten a response. I'm waiting to see if I get the purse b/c I posted this same thread in the ebay forum and someone said the seller may have just violated an ebay policy and I may still get the mdse b/c that happened to them. So we shall see. If I don't get the purse, then I will contact paypal but I'm sure they don't make that easy for you either. :crybaby: We should've paid w/American Express...that'll teach me!
  9. I would file a claim TODAY with Paypal. You would think with a company as large as eBay someone could figure out that pulling an auction after it has already been won and paid for is not a good idea and only hurts the buyer. I had that happen to me once. The seller had already sent the item so I got lucky, and it was authentic. Hopefully your seller is as honest as mine was.
  10. Thanks Cindi. Today I e-mailed the seller's private e-mail address that I got off of my paypal receipt and I actually got a response from her. I'm posting her response. Now does anyone think that this is the truth???? I don't know if I should believe it or not!! :shrugs:

    I am so sorry jenny. I printed the stickers out packaged everything up. On my way to the post office. I got into a really bad car accident...I'm at the post office now with your package. I am so sorry for your troubles.
  11. That's too strange . The whole thing about the car accident. I don't know if I would believe this person.
  12. Exactly, I think it's a big fat lie myself. I went to file a claim w/paypal today when i didn't receive the item in the mail, but it says that they put you in contact w/the seller to try to resolve the dispute first before they even get involved. So I figured if I could work it out w/this lady it would be better for everyone. So I e-mailed her personal acct and that's what she wrote back. I'm sick and tired of waiting for the mail lady as if my life depends upon it. Tomorrow will be a week...the seller is in CA and so am I, so it shouldn't take that long. My BF said to wait and see and if we don't have it by Thursday we'll do something about it! :hysteric: I can't wait much longer!!!
  13. OMG, sorry but I got into a serious car accident? thats not just something you casually put into a note. Something is up. I just dont know what yet. I hope your package comes, but since when can you write emails at the post office? Unless you have a sidekick or something...
  14. I would still file a non receipt of package claim. You can always cancel it when the bag shows up. At least she will have to send proof to Paypal that your package has been shipped. Sounds very fishy to me.
  15. Where do I file the non receipt of package claim? I went to paypal to file a claim but it showed how it puts you in contact w/the seller before they do anything for you so I thought that it would be better if I waited it out??? I'm just not sure exactly what to do right now about it. I paid for the item on Wednesday 2/14 so how much time do I have to file a claim?? Anyone have any info??

    Tokidoki:heart: er - My BF and I said the same thing!! It turns out the seller's address is in Compton!!!!!!!!! My bf told me that and I laughed, I thought he was kidding!! NO JOKE!!! So then when I read him that email today he said, oh, yeah, me and all my friends in compton have blackberrys and we email from the post office!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahah :roflmfao: too bad the last laugh is on me! :cursing: