What does this mean in this auction?

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  1. :confused1: :s Anyone ever see this?
  2. They have a seperate thing they send you to pay, rather then them sending you an eBay invoice or you clicking directly on the "pay now" button in and auction... i've done that with a few purchases, not sure how it works lol
  3. yep i have, and have used these. but always with reputable ebayers
  4. It's not uncommon, many sellers prefer their own checkout systems.
    I've never had any problems using it.
  5. I've never had any problems either, perhaps it links to the seller's own accounting software, no problems with it.
  6. ^^ditto
  7. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!:cutesy:
  8. just be careful with those sellers.
    a few years ago, that happened to me. i bought the item using BIN option on eBay. turns out the seller is a company that has their own website. after clicking pay now, it was redirected to the company website. i kept on following the direction and paid for the item. i sent the seller a few emails that was never returned. i bought the item anyway cuz the seller was a power seller with 100% positive feedback. after i received the item in about a week, i left a positive feedback for the seller. guess what the seller did? the seller filed for NPB and left negative feedback even though i already paid and received the item!!! the good thing was, i paid with paypal and kept all the emails that i sent. i told ebay that the seller didn't respond to any of my emails. i also informed ebay that the seller redirect the sale to their official company website.
    ebay retracted that seller negative feedback.
    i would be really careful if you see that kind of message. that was an unpleasant ebay experience.

  9. THANK YOU! After reading the responses here, I did BIN on something.

    But after reading your response, I will stay on my toes! I havent even been invoied yet, so we will see.

    I will update on how it goes!
  10. goodluck!