What does this emoticon mean?

  1. I was on another online forum, having what Iike to call a "spirited" discussion with someone, who kept using this emoticon in their replies to me; I know it's "tongue", but what's the meaning of it? Were they symbolically sticking their tongue out at me? I also read that it means flriting with me--I don't know how that would apply to the discussion, though. I was vehmently disagreeing with something; they were expressing another opinion. Were they being rude to me, or do it mean something else? Anyone?

    (I don't see it in the Purse Forum list, or I woudl post a pic of it.)

  2. :p Like this one?
  3. Yes, that's it!

  4. i would think of it as i don't agree with you at all but no hard feelings lol
  5. ^I agree its kind of like I'm teasing, just joking, light hearted emoticon.
  6. I also think of it as teasing :p