What does this buyer mean by this email?

  1. I just sold a pretty big ticket item on eBay to a Japanese buyer. Payment for the auction is due within 5 days. She wrote me this email after the auction ended. Can anyone tell me what she's talking about, other than the fact she doesn't want to pay me until March 1? By the way, I told her no, payment is due within 5 days as stated in the auction.

    Here's what she wrote:

    For a total of a card, PAYPAL settles an account on March 1. Because you promise by all means, will you wait?
  2. Maybe she is getting money to her Paypal account on March 1?? I don't know. I wish people would just go by the rules set in the auction. She should have asked the question before bidding. A language barrier can be a real problem. I hope it works out for you.
  3. Tell her to write to you in english.
  4. It sounds like she typed her phrase into the computer in Japanese, and this was the automated 'translation'. I would email her and say you don't understand the language, and could she rephrase.

    Hope you get to make some sense of this Lori!
  5. Wow, that's just a mean statement, not to mention not helpful at all. Maybe you could be more constructive next time?
  6. Calm down. It wasn't meant to be mean. You said you didn't know what she meant, correct? That's why I typed what I did.
  7. OK, well, I have a bad feeling she isn't going to pay anyway, even if she wanted to pay on March 1. I'll wait until the allotted time passes and file a non-paying bidder if she doesn't. Then I'll just relist. Bummer, but such is the way sometimes with eBay.
  8. Oh I sympathise! I just had a bidder bid up my Pomme Heart coin purse & she hasnt contacted & I am sure she won't makes you so mad when genuine buyers interested, this stupid carry on!
  9. Thats one of the reasons why I dont ship to Japan or any Asian countries anymore. Sometimes the language barrier is more than I can deal with when it comes to a NPB.
  10. Yeah, I understand, sometimes the language barrier can be tough. But I truly think this buyer is just trying to get out of the deal and she's using the payment date as a stall tactic. Plus, she only has 10 feedback, and I've found that ALL my nonpaying bidders (regardless of what country they are from) have 10 or less feedback. Oh well, at least I can relist.
  11. I have a feeling that she could be a sincere buyer or she wouldn't have attempted to communicate with you despite the language barrier. How about asking her for a deposit?? If she agrees to it, then you know she is serious about the transaction and she just needs some time to clear up whatever it is with Paypal.

    Just my two cents. :smile:
  12. Thanks for the input. I understand what you're saying, but I'm unsure of dealing with her at all because of her low FB and she also has 1 negative due to not paying for another auction. So I think I will see if she replies to my last email and I'll send her one more reminder later this week.
  13. I have found Japanese buyers to be really great. She probably wouldn't have bothered to contact you if she had no intention of paying.
    I know it's a pain having to wait, I usually don't mind a week or two.
    Good luck!
  14. Well, I'm going to eat my words. The buyer just paid via paypal using her husband's paypal account. Fhew!
  15. Glad to hear that, I know you were sweting that out! YAY!