what does this actually mean? (lush)

  1. i was looking at the lush website (not to buy, out of interest really) and came across this:

    does this mean that they can sue balenciaga if one of their employees looks at their website? and that none of those companies can ever sue them? surely not? that's hilarious! :roflmfao:

    ridiculous obviously but hilarious.
  2. :lol: Yea, I think that's bogus. That doesn't even make sense.:wacko:
  3. yeah it sounds like the sort of disclaimer i imagine they'd have on child pornography sites.. and other dodgy illegal stuff..
  4. wow/ how weird
  5. I have seen this disclaimer on web sites that sell fakes before. Sounds like a bunch of bull:censor: to me considering it's the people running these sites that are violating the law. I know that Lush Fashions sells designer inspired bags, so I don't know why they feel the need to put such a thing on their site.
  6. That's weird, and funny! Why do they need to say taht?

  7. another strange thing about that whole note is that they haven't mentioned lvmh :wtf: and i know they have a stam inspired bag on there.
  8. haha now why doesn't that surprise me? thanks!