what does these names mean: cervo, gaufre

  1. cervo = red deer
    gaufre = corrugate

    is this so?

    i can't find anything under gauffre'an, or gauffre
  2. I beleive gauffre means WAFFLE...Hence the pleated waffled look to it...
  3. [​IMG]
    Isn't this a gauffre?
  4. while "Cervo" is an italian word for this cute animal....
  5. yes gauffre gaufre is waffle in French ...
  6. waffle bag and deer bag....! :wlae:
    oh, that deer looks so handsome *pray to deer spirit to be forgiven for using him as a bag*
  7. good question - thanks for posting
  8. Oh Thanks! Always a little confused by the descriptions.
    Great Info!