What does the word "Dune" (as in the new Mini Lin color) mean in French??

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  1. Thanks!! I was thinking it meant kind of a sandy-beige color, but another TPF member said that the pic he saw of it was green-ish??

    Anyone have any idea what the word means in French?? TIA!!:yes:
  2. this is all i found online. dune from french to english came up

    Compound Forms:
    dune de sable - sand dune

    hope it helps!
  3. If you think about a sand dune it is kind of tinged with green. Color is pale yellowish-gray to pale bluish-gray.
  4. I'm ughhh....somewhat French and speak French lol, so yup, I agree! it's the same as the English 'dune'
  5. Thanks everyone!!
  6. i think the colour is similar to the Damier Geant "sable". which might explain why someone sees a greenish tinge to it.
  7. Yeah, the word 'dune' in itself doesn't mean anything in French, but combined with 'de sable', it means sand dune.