what does the "warranty" cover?

  1. i have a bh that i got in oct. i just noticed today that one of the points of the side straps is starting to fray. it looks like the glazing split and the top layer is seperating from the bottom. i'm describing it worse than it is but it's one of those things that can only get worse with time. can i bring it in to lv and have them reglaze it or fix it? is it covered in the "warranty"? would it be considered a defcet or just normal wear? anyone know? i'm at work so i cant take a pic now...
  2. Warranty is only 6 months at my local boutique, but I heard in the USA, it's 1 year? and I would assume that the bag must be considered defective in order for the warranty to apply. I don't think they'd just randomly give out/exchange a new bag for no valid reason.
    In your case, I would say it's normal wear n tear because the straps are rubbing against your arm/body. However you can still take it to the boutique and ask what they can do about it, but personally I htink even if they do reglaze it for you, the same thing would happen again.
  3. well i never said i wanted it replaced for free. i was wondering however if they would repair it- possibly for free if it's within that time frame.
  4. there's no such thing as a warranty, whoever there's a very good after sales service which in justified cases give the customer a new item or a free repair
  5. my friend had some threading on her strap come a little undone and lv replaced her bag.
  6. Sorry if there's a confusion, but I was not referring to you specifically, but as a whole. Only the second paragraph was "in your case". It's just that *some* very few customers like to take advantage of the store by exchanging for an entirely new bag right before the warranty ends, thus this is just to exemplify my point that the warranty should be for defective bags or other valid reasons.:yes:
  7. i know there's no "warranty" which is why i put it in quotes. but there is a certain amount of time i thought for you to bring it in if something happens to it. that's what i was asking about.
  8. the warranty is defects or issues w/ the hardware working all within a year.

    only if it can't be repaired, thats when the bag will be replaced.
  9. so i showed the bag to the SA at macy's. he thought it was just from normal use. he took it to the repair person and they suggested i bring it to the 5th ave store to have them reglaze it. he said they would charge me 20 dollars but having it repaired through macy's would be more. i kept trying to show him where it was and he kept saying "STOP TOUCHING IT" and swatting me. lol
  10. :yes: