What does the "prorsum" in Burberry Prorsum mean?

  1. I've searched the web for a definition, but I can't find one. Is anyone a fan of this brand? If so, does anyone know the meaning?

    I :heart: this one

  2. I :love: Burberry Prorsum and Christopher Bailey is one of my favorite young designers. Burberry Prorsum is the fashion house's Latin motto and means "Burberry Forward" (I suppose, as opposed to the classic Burberry London line).
  3. Thank you Greendrv! You really are a well of info :biggrin:
    I would never have thought it was a Latin word, very cool.
  4. They have some great jewelry - there's a cool bracelet I want by them...thanks for the definition Greendrv!
  5. Is a sub division of Burberry?
  6. Thanks; I have always wondered about that myself! I do really like the pic you included above, although the bag may be too shallow for me.