What does the 'O' mean when stamped on the Mulberry label?

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  1. I've just bought a bag from Cheshire Oaks, and got it home and realise that there is an 'O' stamped within the Mulberry label. Also, there is a 'B' on the underneath of the Made in England label.

    Can anyone tell me what both of these mean?
  2. I think the 'O' means it's a sub or there's some fault, but I'm not sure you can always tell what made it a sub iykwim. I've seen a few things in CO with 'O' on and the SA and I have been unable to find what caused it to be marked as sub.

    As for the letters on the back of the 'Made in' label, I think some bags have them and some don't. I'm not sure they 'mean' anything, though I'm sure someone will be able to explain if they do.
  3. The funny thing is, I phone the manageress at CO, and she told me that the 'O' is something THEY punch/stamp on so they know which season it is from, and confirmed that it definitely wasn't a second. I am very uncomfortable with her explanation.

    I am organising a ladies evening for a local charity that I am involved in, and I specifically purchased the bag to auction on the evening. If I informed them it is a second, I feel it would not raise the money at the auction, and if I didn't inform them, then it would be a big risk, which potentially could be made worse by the auction winner asking for their money back. Hence the reason why I definitely need to know if it is a second or not.

    Also, I cannot get my money back at CO, only a credit note or exchange........that will teach me to check it over before I buy anything again!
  4. I have bumped Jazzys thread on scored through labels, a lot of useful info also regarding o-stamp
  5. One zero 0 means it is a sub, not a second (Mulberry don't technically sell seconds). A sub would mean it has not passed quality control, and has a usually indefinable fault, may be the texture of the leather or a slight mark. Often unless you know what it is, you can't see anything wrong. Two zeros 00, would generally only be sold at Shepton Mallet and are sold as 'damaged' which often means they are a customer return, or they may have had a broken lock replaced, for example.
  6. I have a Chocolate nvt Roxanne which I bought from Bicester, 0 stamped as she had needed to have a stud replaced prior to sale. I cannot tell which stud and there is nothing else wrong with the bag. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, sounds like a fantastic thing to be auctioning for charity....I'd bid!
  7. My watermarked oak bays from Shepton is marked 00. The bag is perfect except for the obvious watermarks.
  8. So, would Mulberry repair a bag with a O, should anything ever be wrong with it?
  9. I think so! I'm sure someone will be along to confirm! I think it's just the bags with scored through labels that are sold for 'scrap' to members of staff that won't be repaired.
  10. mum2theboys - Yes, if you read the thread that Lakrits bumped for you regarding scored labels, you will find it confirmed there that they will repair 0 and 00 items (although in the case of 00, not for the original fault). A 0 bag will have a quality issue so minor that you will not know what it is. You really shouldn't get hung up about a 0 bag, the quality will essentially be exactly the same as if you had purchased it full price.
  11. Thank you for the reassurance. If the bag was for me, I probably would be a little more relaxed about it, but as I purchased it to use in an auction for a childrens charity, I didn't want it to bite me in the bum later.

    The RRP on the bag is £1250 and I paid £375 for it, so you can probably see why I thought it appropriate for the event......can relax now!
  12. Have you checked the bag over and noticed anything odd about it and was it a Mabel calf hair?(just being nosey!!!)
  13. Hi madmadmo - I have checked it over and I can't see anything wrong with it. I have a mini mabel myself, but in leather, so not entirely sure if there should be significant differences apart from size............were you spying on me in CO buying the Mabel calf hair??:biggrin:
  14. I wish, it would mean I was there and believe me If I was there I would be spending.I am a bit short of cash thanks to the car!!!! No it was the price that made me think as I brought one from York not long ago.
  15. Do you enjoy using her? I think she is a fab bag