What does the Lindy look like "full of stuff??"

  1. I am seriously considering a Lindy and I saw the thread about how you Lindy owners organize it but I need some visuals to get a better idea of how this bag looks and works "full of stuff." When it's empty it folds kinda flat and so I am curious how it looks replete with our "things."

    Anyone mind posting images of your Lindy full and while being carried? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Here are some old action pics I had in one of the Lindy threads; my 34cm is pretty full with a Chameleon insert in there, and it still has that nice fold:
    CIMG2510.jpg CIMG2515.jpg
  3. Thanks Orchids! I had seen these photos in other threads (it's these photos that keep me interested in the Lindy) and I was wondering if they were empty or not.
  4. :crybaby: I love the Lindy SO much!
  5. Wow! It looks really excellent filled!

    Oh dear, I feel another addition to my wishlist coming. I think the house is shaking (I feel like the wide-eyed kids at the banquet table in the Jurassic Park movie.:s)
  6. :tup:Great look.
  7. Looks great! Thanks for the visual Orchids!
  8. As Always, Fabulous Pictures Orchids ~ Thank You!!!!
  9. Sorry to bump an old thread, but if Orchids you are reading this, what size Chameleon are you using in your 34 Lindy if you don't mind? I'm trying to find an organizer so things stop floating around.... TIA!!!

    Wouldn't mind advice from anyone else with a 34 or 30 Lindy either, so please chime in if you have a Chameleon in your Lindy!
  10. For my 30 Lindy I have the Chameleon in Large , it's a perfect fit .
  11. Thanks crazyforhermes!

    When you use the Chameleon, does your Lindy retain its fortune cookie shape? Would you recommend the structured/stiff chameleon or the unstructured one? TIA!
  12. I use the Large Chameleon as well for both my 34cm and 30cm Lindy's. I use the unstructured one so that the bag doesn't get a stiff shape.
  13. Mine is the structured one but I don't find it stiff. If hand held my Lindy still has the cute fortune cookie shape . HTH
  14. Thank you Ranag and crazyforhermes!! Off to look for a large chameleon now (that sounds quite zoological)!