What does the large caviar flap bag that is $1695

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  1. Look like? I could not find any pics, I want the largest caviar flap avaible with price ..;) thanks
  2. Is this it? Because I want THIS size! :nuts:
  3. Yes.:graucho:
  4. Here's my dark brown jumbo caviar flap which was $1695. I'm 5'2" for reference.
    JumboFlap1.JPG JumboFlapSit.JPG
  5. I love the jumbo.
  6. can u adjust the straps to make it shorter, like the bag in the pic I posted? OH and can I get the black with gold hardware???? THANKS:wlae: :graucho:

    OH and is the jumbo that much smaller than the grand caviar tote with chains...? No more annoying questions..
  7. Yes, the black does come with gold hardware. I have a black lambskin with gold hardware.
  8. The straps can be adjusted but I haven't tried to figure it out yet. I like the longer length.

    Yes, the jumbo is smaller than the Grand Shopping Tote. I have the GST in black with silver h/w. My items fit comfortably in both bags because I don't carry a lot, but if you do, you might want to consider the GST instead.
  9. thank u! do u know if u can make the straps shorter and do u know the size difference between the two bags?

  10. ROEYYYYYYYYYY I LOVE THE CHOCOLATE BROWN. THe pics in the reference library had it MARKED as 'X'. SO I couldn't view the pic but it's BEAUTIFUL. OMG. I am torn. Black, Brown, Purple. Black, brown, purple? HMmMmmmm...
  11. the Jumbo caviar flap which was $1695 is this price inclu tax or before tax ?

  12. $1695 PLUS tax.
  13. Thanks May, I loved it too! I'll have to update the reference library pic. The color is a nice milk chocolate IRL, no red undertones at all. As for what color, I always prefer brown over black and resist brights because I find you have to match them specifically to certain wardrobe items whereas neutrals are so easy to grab and go.