What Does The Inside of This Bag Look Like??

  1. Considering this messenger for my son. It is a Dior Homme piece and I wanted to know who it closed (Does it have a magnet?). And what does the inside look like. If anyone has any pictures or ideas please help me out. Thanks ;)

  2. Hi fastcat91!

    Ooooo I love that messenger! It's so sleek and urban!

    I'm not too sure about how it closes (the Eluxury site doesn't say so either; eLUXURY - Dior - dior bag, dior messenger bag, christian dior messenger bag, d) but I do know that the inside is supposed to have a canvas lining (may not have any logos on the lining), interior zipped pocket, and a black leather flap that has the words "Dior" "MADE IN ITALY" written in silver lettering on the front, and a serial number embossed in the back.

    Does anyone own this beauty?
  3. there is a magnet hidden into the fabric

    Hope it help