What does the Guccisima leather look/feel like IRL??

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  1. Ok, call me a dork, but I have not seen anyone with an authentic Guccisima leather bag yet. I saw one on NM.com (the chocolate anniversary edition horsebit hobo bag). What does it look/feel like and how does it hold up to abuse compared to the regular mono GG bags?
  2. its very very pretty...quite elegant if i say so myself!!! I tended to shy away from it (besides my suade guccisma) because i think its a little to classic for me! Im 23 and i think id like to live up to my in your face monogram...because well im at the age where i can!!! hehe call me weird but im saving guccisma's until i reach the 30s!!! I love the look for work and classicness (wow i just made up a word ;) hehe)

    But def check it out, i know a lot of ladies on here LOVE LOVE LOVE theres!!!!
  3. I have 3 Guccicssima bags. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Guccissima leather. I have not had any of my Guccissima purses for very long to tell how they will hold up over time. But they seem VERY well made and seem like they will last a VERY long time. I am not worried.

    Here is are photos of mine:

    Here are all of them together


    and here is my white Princy boston bag


    And here is my Brown Princy Hobo


    And here is my Black Princy Hobo (with a friend)

  4. Ditto to the above post re: being well made and long-lasting. I got a cream Guccisima tote last May and it doesn't have a mark on it. Granted, I do take decent care of it, but I've carried it on airplanes where it sat on the floor and also restaurants. The leather is fairly stiff, but that may be because this bag has a definite squared shape to it. I like this because there's no way it will ever get floppy and let things fall out. I get more compliments on that bag than on any other designer bag I own, so I'm a big fan!
  5. I'm a new Guccissima leather bag owner - I have it in off white so it's a quieter mono and I like that. It's luxurious leather!
    Extra 2.jpg Gucci resized.jpg Gucci resized 7.jpg
  6. Can anyone tell me if the leather is hard or soft/flexible? I'm considering taking the plunge and purchasing my first Guccissima ever...

  7. I have not seen those shoes IRL but just looking at the photo they look like all pumps do - hard. But if you were to look at a Guccissima purse that would be different. The purses are all soft. But again how soft depends on the design of the purse. I have a Princy Boston bag that is more structured and I also have to Princy hobos that are soft

    Here is what my bags look like


    OH YEAH!!! I love those shoes. They are gorgeous
  8. Thanks beljwl. I was wondering about that, as you're right, the leather on the shoes do look quite hard, but comparing photos of PF'ers bags, the leather seems soft. Perhaps I should just suck it up and get the shoes? Beauty is painful, lol :biggrin:
  9. Just me personally I could NEVER buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first. I have wide feet so at best 25% of all shoes I try on fit my feet.

    Just make sure to buy them from somewhere that you can return them if they don't fit.
  10. the guccissima leather is not stiff , but not too soft either ..its perfect. i prefer this ove the gg canvas which after a while starts to rip. you will love it go for it!
  11. The Guccisima is actually much more flexible than I expected. I thought my Wave Boston would be more stiff, but it's not. It's very classy looking. I love the subtlety of the logo.
  12. I really love my giccisima leather bag(I only have on). I usually don't buy logo bags and was not sure if I would love it,but i do!The leather seems durable and has really pretty shading. I would buy another guccisima bag.

    Rust Anniversary Gucci.jpg
  13. wow, your bag is TDF!!! i'm about to go check it out on their website right now if they've actually got anymore.
  14. and i validate the opinion about how the leather is kind of not to stiff and not too soft. you've just got to experience the lux. go feel it for yourself!
  15. Thank you for your kind words, with my crappy camera, I am especially pleased that you see enough of it to like it!!!