What does the group this about this belt?

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  1. It's non-adjustable.

    It's 80cm - that's about 31.5" - so natural waist size for a trim person.

    Price is always what you are prepared/can afford to pay. If you you really want it and it will fit, why not? But you can by new H belts for around the same so it's a question of style pref.
  2. The price sounds great! Hermes belts at the boutique go for way more, usually $1,000+. So, it seems like a fair deal for a used item. It looks adjustable to me.

    Hope this helps. You can always contact Portero to find out for certain if it is an easily adjustable piece.:smile:

  3. Ignore my comment - You definitely know your Hermes belts. So, it's not adjustable, and the price is the same. Thank you! I learned something too :noggin:
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    This belt is adjustable. The strap with the Hermes-Paris imprinted on it, is adjustable with 3 holes on the flip side of belt, by fixing it on a stud.

    I believe this style is no longer being produced. This belt is probably from the late 80s to early 90s.

    ETA, I have seen this style of belt sold at a lower price. But again, I have to say this style is rare to come by. So, it's how much you want it.
  5. I bow in turn to your greater knowledge ms piggy :salute:. I was told this style of belt was non-adjustable by someone who should know better :-s.
  6. this is a lovely belt.

    i think anytime you see this type of lock on any H item, there is a premium to be paid for the design.

    perhaps you can compare the pricing to the pricing of new belts in your local H store (or hermes.com website) and then determine how much of a premium you are willing to pay for this discontinued but rare style!

    good luck!