What does the ellipse look like!!!

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  1. hello everyone i am going to buy a medium ellipse or a mono alma but i need to see which one i really like, can anyone post pics on how they look like in action? and/or what you can carry inside them? please post thanks all!
  2. anyone? i know these are popular bags come on PFERS!
  3. I don't have one, but try searching eluxury.com for a picture of one.
  4. I only have the PM and my mom's shopper shoulder bag lol. I know someone out there has the one you're looking at!
  5. thanks lvbabydoll
  6. here is a pic of the MM


  7. bag fetish the picture isnt showing can you please try again thank you!
  8. Here ya go:
  9. ^^ thank you.
  10. You're welcome :smile:
  11. bag fetish u look great with that on!