What does the Chloe girl do for a living? Tell us your job/career

  1. Sooo I have been dying to ask,

    "what do you all do for a living?"

  2. I am a mom and a housewife :smile:
  3. Lucky girl Stratsey!!!

    I am a manager at a computer company in Silcon Valley.

    I get to WAH most days. Sort of a bummer since I don't get to show off my cool bags at work that often.
  4. I do accounting & marketing for my moms real estate firm. Before this I've been SA in depatment store selling ladies clothing... :smile:

    How about you hmwe46..? Curious to hear :biggrin:

    EDIT/ oops I was slow, you ladies have great jobs :yes:
  5. I manage a scientific research center and Chloe is perfect for what I do. Plus no logos on the sides of the bag so no one knows about my bag obsession!!!
  6. My husband & I have a Printing business (Singapore)for large format printing needs like billboards, banners, posters & etc.

  7. Was it dangerous?? Like did you buy all the clothes with your discount?? :yes:

    I would love to be an SA! When I was returning some online purchases to Saks one of the gals was totally impressed with my choices and said I should be a personal shopper: FUN!!


  8. ...hehee yes it was, I always planned the whole month what to buy and when got the salary it was gone in few minutes :smash: :lol:

    I got -20% discount from everything so I went nuts in there:nuts: :upsidedown:

    But it was fun job, not a fine career but fun ;) I loved having beautiful clothes every where around me!:lol:
  9. Engineering college professor. No one appreciates my bags or clothes on campus. I dress up for myself. All my shopping are bought on my husband's (oil trader) account.
  10. I do finance and accounting. Such a blah job, but at least i can be on the forum all day :angel: oops!
  11. I'm an artist (I know - poor answer Lol! But art is my passion... ever since I was a little girl.)

    I'm still thinking about a career. It's possible I might go into law. :yes:
  12. D&G - ditto same here which is why I need to jazz up my life with some great accessories!
  13. ....It seems like the paddy owners are as unique as their bags, you have great careers ladies! :biggrin:
  14. I'm a researcher at a pharmaceutical company. And yea..no one notices my bag either...but i love having it near me in my office :heart:
  15. ....Audrey that's charming answer! I wish I was that creative, I really admire people who can create something we call art :flowers:

    my best friend is an artist and I just love her & her job, it's her passion to it I'm admiring I think :shame: