What does the buddy list/ignore list actually do??

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  1. i have ppl on my buddy list but it doesnt seem to really do anything but keep track. and what does the ignore list do?? does it keep them from pming you or from posting in your thread?
  2. I am not sure what the buddy list does, but the ignoring one is when you can't read that person's responses/posts and you can't receive PMs from them.
  3. oh really?? so if i put someone on the ignore list they cant read anything i write??
  4. can i still read theirs??
  5. YOU are ignoring THEM.

    They would have to ignore YOU to not view your posts. Your list has nothing to do with other people viewing your posts.
  6. okay thats all i wanted to know....

    no answer for the buddy list function??
  7. The purpose of the buddy list not really any at all. It just shows you who is currently online, I think you can even see one another if you are invisible and on each other's buddy list.
  8. Can you adjust your dot to show you are offline (blue) when in fact you are online (green)?
  9. oh okay..cause ive been adding ppl to my buddy list but it wasnt changing anything or making it any easier to contact them so i was just wondering.

  10. Yes, set invisibility mode in your control panel.