What does the Bolide normally retail for?

  1. I went thru the ode to Bolide thread and I am really loving that bag! So I was wondering what it retails for? thanks!:heart:
  2. I remember it being about $4K-5K....
  3. The small sizes run about $4200, and the 37 cm runs about $5500. This was all before the recent price hike,though.
  4. gmel just posted that a 31 bolide was in her boutique for $5850. still waiting to hear what the leather was. before the hike, a 31 in togo/clemence or fjord (the less expensive leathers) was 5k.
    thrilled you enjoyed the thread oh donna. feel free to post any questions or thoughts about the bolide there too. :flowers:
  5. HiHeels -- It was clemence...This from SA's mouth!
  6. :yucky: clemence?! (:yucky: re. the price, not clemence) that's one hell of a hike! that's even more than 10%. mama mia.
  7. The Bolide in Chevre and 31cm (BEFORE price hike) is around $5500 or so. I prefer Bolides in chevre because it maintains the structure and shape very well and it's light-weight and sturdy.

    Bolides tend to be one of the higher priced non-Birkin/non-Kelly bags, but it is definitely my favorite bag aside from B and K ... My ex-SA told me that Bolide has a special place in the heart of Hermes.

    So what color are you thinking of getting? It's very very pretty in Cyclamen chevre.
  8. $5850 for CLEMENCE?!!!! Holy crap, I guess that means after the price hike, the one for chevre will probably be at the $6000 mark. Yikes.
  9. Vache Liegee before price increase was 5500; chevre was the same - both 31...
  10. I was going to post... but the ladies beat me to it!
  11. Pre-price hike, 37cm Clemence was $5,050.
  12. ^wow..how interesting..I saw 31 clemence for $5,000 pre-price hike. just for that $50..I am getting the 37..(j/k)
  13. O.K... the 27 chevre 4100+ , in the other leather it was 3400+