What does the Bal gal/guy watch on TV?

  1. I was selecting stuff to record on Tivo and I started wondering: Do we watch specific shows that incorporate fashion into the program in hopes of spotting our favorite bags?

    I admit that I was interested in watching Gossip Girl and Cashmere Mafia mostly to check out the wardrobe. Now Lipstick Jungle is getting ready to start and I set the Tivo to record it as well. I watch other stuff, but I am obsessively looking for bags on the tube: Tim Gun, Fashionably Late with Stacey London, Project Runway, etc.

    Do you all watch shows in search of Bal, or other coveted items of fashion? What about those of you outside the U.S.?
  2. Sitcoms and such: LOST!!! Simpsons, Family Guy, um almost everything on Adult Swim. Big Anime fan.

    Real stuff: Intervention, First 48, all that educational stuff on Discovery channel, TLC ect. I'm a big science geek so anything natury is cool.

    Most of the time I'm playing video games tho. Big gamer :shame:

    sooo...absolutely nothing to do with Fashion LOL
  3. me too. nothing to do with fashion. infact don't watch too much tv. My top shows, in no particular order are, grey's anatomy, lost, boston legal, and american idol with my son (its his fav). I think i'm forgeting something but don't know what.
  4. Greys, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, and when I remember Cashmere Mafia. ;)
  5. Lost :tup: can't wait for the season 4 start tomorrow! :supacool:

    Anime fan and videogame-gal too, therefore I don't watch that much tv, only few very chosen shows like Lost ;)
  6. Sitcoms: heroes, gilmore girls ( although it's finished ), gossip girls, etc
    reality tv: Real Housewives of Orange County, Survivor, I LOVE NY, Millionaire Matchmaker, Project Runway, Make me A Supermodel, America's Next Top Model, The Shot on VH1, and so many reality tv shows.
  7. My shows (Tivo'd) - Entourage (withdrawals hitting), Battlestar Galactica (major withdrawals), Lost (yeah! starting again), Top Gear, Deathnote (anime), Daily Show, The Office, Robot Wars (MIA)

    With my sweetie (forced) - Greys, Desperate Housewives

  8. I loove the food network, especially paula deen!

    Also love Dirty Jobs on discovery- there's just something about Mike Rowe!

    Ok, here's an embarrassing one- I also love watching reruns of star trek the next generation and voyager. Hey, my dad's an enginerd and I got some of his genes. I can usually catch reruns when I workout after work- love it!!
  9. oh one more- I love shark week on discovery- look forward to it every summer! Wow I sound like a huge nerd. Oh well! I've got my bals. :p
  10. I love House, 24, Sex and the City, Family Guy, Law & Order, CSI, love the reruns ;) I wish the writers would cut a deal on the strike!!
  11. Oh I love this thread.. I watch any and ALL things that include Charlie Rose (the geriatric woman's sex-god, LOL), Law and Order cos my DS is in it,Project Runway, all the debates (even the Republican ones!!:p
  12. CSI Miami
    Project Runway
    Top Chef
  13. I don't get to watch much TV (2-3 hrs a week if ever) but the shows I do make time for are Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty. Watched all of The Tudors (love it!) and Gossip Girl on itunes. Otherwise it's whatever's on when I happen to be in the room - tennis, golf, the food network..
  14. cute question...

    hmm.... don't really have control of the TV at the dorm so I'll catch whatever's on

    one of my favorite shows is Seinfeld, though
  15. I watch:
    Gossip Girl
    America's Next Top Model
    Make Me A Super Model
    Project Runway
    LA Ink
    Real Housewives of OC
    Rob & Big
    Grey's Anatomy
    and Rock of Love