What does patent leather mean?

  1. What does patent leather mean? Is this real leather?
  2. yes it is, the term patent leather just means it has a shiny finish. oh what basic textiles class has taught me...:smile:
  3. patent leather is just a defferent process of finish of leather that yeilds a high gloss finish but most patent leather of today has a plastic coating ....but yes many people do confuse patent leather for polyurethane ( sometimes refered to as like pleather ) based items
  4. I always thought patent leather meant fake leather (as someone mentioned- pleather) and in some cases it is from what I learned after doing some research. But most of the time, it's as the others have said- a glossy finished leather.
  5. It is leather with a high gloss finish which is synthetic and usually polyurethane. There are various qualities, most are made from leather that is too marked or scarred to be used with a natural finish so is given either a corrected grain or patent finish. Pleather is where the coating makes up more than 50% of the thickness of the finished material and is usually the bottom split of a hide heavily coated to give it strength and a decent look. Can the layman/woman tell the difference or quality of a patent leather or the quality of the underlying leather? Basically No
  6. Huh. That's interesting. Knowing this information, I will definitely stick to the higher end labels of "patent leather". It will make me feel better for some reason. :hrmm: