what does "Paris-Biarritz" refer to?

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  1. I found this brief item about Chanel in a British newspaper. Does anyone know what "Paris-Biarritz" refers to? Is it the entire S/S 07 collection? Or is it a new line that we don't already know about?

    The Evening Standard (London) January 8, 2007 Monday

    The vibrant Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel held a particular affection for Biarritz, and the city has remained a point of reference to the Chanel fashion house. With that in mind, the new line of bags for spring and summer has been named "Paris-Biarritz." Shot by Karl Lagerfeld on actress Diane Kruger, this large bag takes into consideration the needs of an urban woman. As lovely as they are, the fact is we simply can't fit everything we need into a small ladylike clutch.
  2. Haven't heard the term, but the bag in the pic is so nice!
    Thanks for posting the article.
  3. I think Biarritz is a vacation town for some wealthy Parisians and the Paris-Biarritz is the flight that gets you there. So maybe it is an homage to her favorite vacation destination.
  4. Yes, that's true.

    I'm just wondering if there are some undiscovered S/S 07 bags that Chanel is coming out with that we tPFers don't already know about! :graucho:
  5. good info - thanks
  6. Biarritz is where Mlle. Chanel opened the shop where her fashions really took off. (I think this was her second shop.) Many wealthy people retreated to Biarritz during WWI so she had excellent clients for her early designs.
  7. I am wondering if they are doing a line highlight a different city each year --last year was Paris-New York, this year Paris-Biarritz. So I am guessing this will be a different line not included in S/S07.
  8. "Paris-Biarritz" ... I have my name down for one of those bags. I was surprised no one had posted pictures of it, so far. (Or maybe I missed it?)

    "Paris-Biarritz" is a name for a line of bags. Rock and Chain, Madison, CC Punk, Cotton Club, Country Club...

    My only concern is that the "Paris-Biarritz" will come in much later than the "Cotton Club" and I will have to make a decision on one without seeing the other...
  9. My S/A @ the boutique in Vegas said today Chanel will be doing some unbelievably fabulous bags this year. He says "2007 is the year Chanel is taking the luxury handbag market all to itself"
    He also said I would soon began to see a big ad campaign for some of these "unbelievable" bags in the fashion magazines.
  10. I would love to see those ads before I splurge on the Cotton Club. :smile:
  11. This must be the new Paris line ahhhhhh soooo nice.
  12. Jayne1: Can you give us any more details about what this line is like??? :yes:
  13. I will be speaking to him again on Wednesday, I am expecting a delivery. I will ask him when the ads are coming out.