What does one do on a cold and rainy day?

  1. Keeps the PJ's on goes into her play room and plays!! Sound good:yes:

    Meet my wittle friend:p

  2. OK that is CUTE!!
    I need the orange horsey! They never have that one at my H but I'm so in love! :heart:
  3. Are those the new bookmarks? Love your innovative idea!!
  4. that is SO CUTE! I love your idea of using it on your purse!
  5. Yes, they are. this one however decided no books for him-LOL!!

    Okay- I need to stop this and make myself useful although its a rather good day for avoidance behavior!!:nuts:
  6. I love that. OMG.
  7. :love:Love Picotins and yours is just lovely :girlsigh:. Is it black/orange or potiron, MM or PM? My eyes are deceiving me after going through the ref. thread in search of my perfect Picotin. Thank you :smile:
    I love Hermes breloque charms on Picotins and this lil horsey is very cute:tup:
  8. I love the horsey:heart:!!!! He would much rather be on a bag than a book any old day!!!:yes: PJs are the best on rainy days!!
  9. Thank you :heart: it is the chocolate brown w/orange underside handles and bottom piping in MM
  10. H bookmarks are so cute. I have the cat.
  11. OHHHH!! I WANT! I WANT!!! I hope they will have some in Vienna! Please!!!!
  12. ^^^^^^^So cute...
    and a cat is available ??? Pics ???
    I need one.
  13. Lol, so cute. I think my store only has a pink sheep but I saw a picture of a brown cat and I'd love one of those :lol:
  14. Thank you :flowers: The colors are gorgeous. I AM officially colorblind now :shame:
  15. Hey, I like that...AND your charms that I see hanging to the side....My Kellys, especially get all charmed up when I go out. It's fun adding little touches to the bags!